Riding with my pops

Day 2 of 70: Recovery Day…sort of.

Alright Y’all, I am 2 for 2 now. Before I forget, I gotta give a shout out to MY ROOMMATE (former roommate in Hawaii), Jimmy Flanagan who recently organized a FLASHMOB AT THE US OPEN IN CALI. I hope the link below works. You may have to copy and paste it…If not, I will post the video once I can find it on YouTube.


Riding with my pops

A.M. Workout

It was another early morning that began with an 18K run and an hour ride with my Dad by the pool. Following the ride, I rushed off to Empower Conditioning on Piccadilly to meet with Kari Schneider who is an incredibly well respected personal trainer, ETC to discuss my 10 week build-up. We discussed a few of my nagging muscle imbalances and lack of flexibility. I will be working diligently with Kari over the next 10 weeks to ensure I am functioning at the highest level possible on October 16th.

The 18K run went by in the blink of an eye especially when it is dark for the majority of the run. I don’t push the pace on my recovery days, but I rarely run slower than 4:10/K, with the majority of my ‘kilage‘ around 3:55 to 4:00/K. I REALLY enjoy transitioning to the bike following a run to simply flush out my legs.

I took a wee nap following my meeting with Kari, then spent the remainder of the day working from Starbucks with Chan and Jordan , then hustling to a few meetings later in the afternoon.

P.M Workout


Following my meeting at Source for Sports, I jumped in the pool with Jordan for a 15 minute swim then a 15 minute spin. I ate some leftovers and worked for an hour or so before heading out on my evening run. I ran 12K with the middle 5K along the Rock the Road 10K route. THAT COURSE IS FAST! I finished up with 4 strides, a smoothie, and 3 minutes on the inversion table. I am off for a lil’ core/stretch session.

I don’t usually double this much but I am running a 5k in Port Stanley on Friday night, so I am kinda front loading my week.

I am gonna do my best to video blog tomorrow, then videotape my workout on Wednesday!



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